The  Friends of the Battle River Railway are very pleased to welcome you to our website.  We have a ton of fun creating, organizing and hosting on our theme-based passenger excursions throughout the year.

Look for us on Facebook @ Friends of the Battle River Rail

Tickets for our 2017 excursions are on sale now

Here comes Peter Cottontail catching a ride on the Bunny Rail! Games start at “The Station” in Forestburg at 2 pm. The Bunny Express will then leave for Galahad at 3 pm for an Easter Egg Hunt. On your return, the Easter Bunny will be all smiles for your photo op.
Ticket includes snacks, Kids under 2 are FREE


One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to participate in the Garden and Gourmet Tour. It was a delightful day from the moment we arrived to the moment the day ended. The efforts of all the volunteers who planned and executed this event has to be acknowledged as being truly remarkable. Your talents are greatly appreciated. Thank you for giving us exceptional value for our entertainment dollar and a day excursion that will be a lasting memory guaranteed to always bring a smile.


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Come ride the rails in Rural Alberta

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